Why I love being a dog walker & pet sitter

I get to share lots of different pets – every day I walk different dogs and feed and cuddle different cats.  They are all so different and all so loveable!  During the last 7 years I have had vast experience of looking after all sorts of different pets and I take pride in doing the job I love well.

I spend every day outside – I have always preferred to be outside rather than in.  What better way to spend a day than out walking the coast path, visiting beaches or wandering the dunes and meeting lots of other people and their pets.

I’m never home alone – as a pet sitter I rarely have the house to myself and am never lonely!  Evie loves the company too.

I meet lots of like minded animal lovers – As a dog walker and pet sitter I constantly meet lots of other dog owners and animal lovers who share my interest in pets and animals.  Waggie Walkies, a local dog walking social group, has been an excellent way for me to meet lots of local dog owners.

My own dog, Evie, gets to socialise with lots different dogs – Evie is never happier than when she is playing tug with a house guest or running across the dunes playing ‘chase me chase me’ with one of her four legged pals.

I get to cuddle cats even though I no longer have cats of my own – I sadly lost both my cats in the last couple of years but I am lucky to have lots of other cats to cuddle and visit.

I love group walks –  watching the dogs interact and play always brings a smile to my face.  And the dogs clearly love it too.

I stay fit and healthy (though I also eat too many pasties)!

I am my own boss – every day I appreciate that I am my own boss.  I am very proud to run a successful and popular dog walking and pet sitting service, based in the heart of St Agnes and serving local pet lovers.

If you would like to find out more about Piran Pets, please contact Nicky 07737843781