Top 10 Top Things about Piran Pets Adventure Treks

Home of the Retriever Romp

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, Piran Pets provide a dedicated dog adventure to retrievers and Labrador retrievers. Adventures last an hour and a half – a great opportunity for your goldens to mix and play with dogs of the same breed in suitable (usually wet) surroundings they love.

Home of Little Dog Treks

Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon we dedicate a walk to all the little dogs out there. Some smaller dogs might feel intimidated running around with the bigger dogs so this is a chance for all your little princesses and tiny dogs to come out on an adventure of their own

Home of the Super Trek

Most dog walkers only give the option of hour or half hour walks, but here at Piran Pets we offer longer walks for only a slight increase in cost. We get to go to some great beaches and woods on these walks.

Piran Pets Daily Treks

At Piran Pets we offer your dog more than just a dog walk. I play games with your dogs and frequently reinforce training commands such as ‘sit’, ‘come’ and ‘wait’. Many owners have expressed that their dog’s behaviour has improved following walks with me.

Our walks cover different locations and routes, including beaches, woodland and dunes. Because of this walks are stimulating and fun. But we always ensure our walks occur at safe places away from roads or cliffs.

Doggy Day Care with a difference

Many day care facilities provide care for your dogs at one location where dogs are forced to share limited space with lots of other dogs. At Piran Pets we offer day care in the form of multiple walks with a limited amount of dogs (dogs your dog has met many times before). A much friendlier experience for your pet. We even pick up and drop off your dogs at no extra charge.

Exclusive Home Boarding

We only board one or two dogs at a time. Unlike kennels, your dog will share our home and be treated like one of the family, receiving lots of walks, fuss and attention in a loving environment.

Insured & Licenced

Piran Pets are insured and licenced for home boarding and dog walking.

10 years professional experience

When I first started dog walking professionally in 2009 there weren’t many other dog walkers out there. There are lots now, but we have stood the test of time by offering a professional, conscientious and premium service to your pets. 10 years experience of dog handling, dog training, dog walking and 10 years of fun and adventures.

IMDT Dog Training Awards

I have attended a number of IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Training) courses- I firmly believe in reward based training and will be offering training walks and courses in the very near future so watch this space. But for now you can feel reassured that your dog will be walking with a dog walker who can handle and deal with different behaviours as they occur.

Piran Pets Care

I have never walked dogs just for the money. I wholeheartedly love what I do and love spending every day with your dogs (and mine).