Walk 1. Wheal Liberty & Jericho Valley

This walk starts at Peterville and is 4 miles long.

Take the turning opposite the Greenroom in Peterville (Rosemundy), then the first left onto Water Lane. Walk the entire length of Water Lane – it bends to the left and goes uphill to the point at which it comes out at a T junction opposite Goonlaze Yard. At the T junction turn right. Walk along the main road until you come across farm buildings on the left and an open gate. Go through this gate and follow the track around the farm buildings and past the wind turbine.

Enter through this gate and follow track around the buildings

Once past the wind turbine take the gate immediately ahead.

walk around the outside of the field in an anticlockwise direction until you reach the viaduct.

Walk through the gap in the hedge and through a kissing gate. Follow the track down some steps and across a stream. At the end of the track you emerge onto a lane. Turn left and walk until you come to a sign on the left for Wheal Liberty.

Turn left towards Wheal Liberty and follow the track back under the viaduct. Walk until you reach the gates for the house on the left. Immediately opposite is a public footpath, just past the telegraph pole.

The footpath takes you past a field, down onto a track over a stream, follow this path for about 10 minutes – you will then come upon the St Agnes to Perranporth road (B3285) by the thatched cottage at the bottom of the hill. Cross the road and continue along the footpath. At the end of this footpath turn right and then over the footbridge towards Jericho valley, signposted Trevellas and Blue Hills.

At this point, turn right and proceed over the bridge

Follow the stream past Jericho Cottage and towards Trevellas and Blue Hills. At the end of this footpath you will come out by Trevellas Porth.

Turn right and then left to go to Trevellas Beach

At this point you may want to visit Trevellas. If so, turn right then immediately turn left onto the path leading to the beach. Otherwise, turn left at this point and walk for about 40 yards until you come to the track leading up to the coast path. Follow this track upwards and then stick to the coast path until you reach a bench above Trevaunance Cove. Turn left along the path signposted to the village.

Follow this path until it brings you to Quay Road. Turn left and in about 100 yards you will find yourself back at Peterville.