How to become a Piran Pets VIP (Very Important Pooch)

There are many benefits to becoming a Piran Pets VIP.  At Piran Pets Adventure Treks there are certain services that are only available to Piran Pets VIPs.  This ensures that all of the dogs in our care know each other and get along.  For this reason we no longer look after dogs who are in Cornwall on holiday.  We offer a local service for local dogs.  Some of the exclusive services available to you as a VIP include :-

  • Home Boarding
  • House Sitting
  • Saturday Super Treks & Fun Day Sundays
  • Access to a closed facebook page especially for Piran Pets VIPs where you can view the latest photos, stories, offers and news.
  • Access to multiple walk discounts

To apply to become a Piran Pets VIP you will need to do the following…….

  1. Contact Nicky to arrange a free consultation by email: or by phone: 07737843781
  2. Complete a pet sitting agreement form
  3. Your dog will then accompany Nicky on a trial walk to determine their suitability – at Piran Pets Adventure Treks we like to ensure all our dogs are super friendly!

Once you have successfully completed this application process you will have access to all of the VIP services on offer.