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August 2020

Piran Post by Nicky Smale, August 2020
August 2020 dog quiz



  1. Through what part of the body does a dog sweat?
  2. How many teeth does an adult dog have?
  3. What is a dog’s most highly developed sense?
  4. Which TV series had a dog named K9 who was also a robot?
  5. Which dog breed has a black tongue?
  6. Are dalmations born with spots?
  7. What breed of dog is Snoopy?
  8. What was the name of Bill Sikes’s dog in Oliver Twist?
  9. What does ‘dachshund’ translate to in English?
  10. How many eyelids does a dog have?
  11. What breed is Scooby Doo?
  12. What is Scooby Doo’s owner called?
  13. Name the world’s most popular dog breed?
  14. What was the name and breed of Dorothy’s dog in the Wizard of Oz?
  15. Name a song elvis song about dogs.
  16. What breed of dog is Pluto?
  17. who had a huge hit with ‘Puppy Love’?
  18. How long are dogs pregnant?
  19. What is the largest dog breed?
  20. what is the smallest dog breed?


  1. Paws
  2. 42
  3. Smell
  4. Dr Who
  5. Chow Chow
  6. No
  7. Beagle
  8. Bulls Eye
  9. Badger Dog
  10. 3
  11. Great Dane
  12. Shaggy
  13. Labrador
  14. Toto, Cairn Terrier
  15. Hound dog
  16. Blood hound
  17. Donny Osmond
  18. 58 – 68 days
  19. English Mastiff
  20. Chihuahua

Heat Warning for Dogs!!

Dogs don’t sweat like humans do, so they get hotter faster. they mostly respire through their tongues and paws. As a dog gets hotter, it’s tongue hangs out more so that air can pass over it and cool blood that circulates to the rest of the body. So when you might think it isn’t too hot, your dog will be overheating, potentially leading to life threatening damage.

Dogs with short snouts are more susceptible to heat issues as are younger or older dogs or sick dogs

Prevention of Heat Stroke

Keep your dog cool on hot days

NEVER leave your dog in a vehicle without air controlled ventilation (and be aware that even if you do have a/c it can break down) An open window will not help air flow in a vehicle on a hot day.

DO NOT walk your dog on a hot surface

Avoid excessive exercise. Walk your dog in shaded areas with water or at cooler times of the day. Don’t throw balls or encourage over stimulation of your pet

Make sure your dog has plenty of cold water available to it

If you do have to leave your dog in a vehicle, make sure the air con is on high, park in the shade, visit the dogs at frequent intervals and cover windows to keep the sun out and the cool in

Symptoms of Heat Stroke

  • Panting
  • Dehydration
  • Excessive Drooling
  • Increased Body Temperature
  • Little or No Urine
  • Sudden Kidney Failure
  • Rapid Heart Rate
  • Irregular Heart Beat
  • Blood Clotting Disorders
  • Small Pinpoint Areas of Bleeding
  • Changes in Mental Status
  • Muscle Tremors
  • Wobbly, Uncoordinated or Drunken Walking
  • Unconsciousness
  • Shock
  • Heart and Breathing Stop

What to do if your dog has Heat Stroke

Lower the dog’s temperature slowly by spraying with cool (not cold) water. Cooling the dog slowly is the key. Give your dog a bath in cool water or wrap in a towel soaked in cool water.

Use a fan to cool your dog

Use cool water on your dog’s foot pads, groin and in their underarms

If your dog will drink, give it cool, NOT ICY, water.

Get your dog to a vet as soon as possible

What do Piran Pets do to keep your dog’s cool on hot days?

  • Walk in cool, shaded areas where there is lots of water
  • Keep air conditioning on in the van at all times
  • Have water available for dogs to drink both in the van and on walks
  • Restrict ball throwing or high energy games
  • Keep air conditioning on when picking up and dropping off dogs
  • Ensuring dogs have adequate water at home on drop off

Contact Nicky@piranpets.com

Telephone 07737 843781

Top 10 Top Things about Piran Pets Adventure Treks

Home of the Retriever Romp

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, Piran Pets provide a dedicated dog adventure to retrievers and Labrador retrievers. Adventures last an hour and a half – a great opportunity for your goldens to mix and play with dogs of the same breed in suitable (usually wet) surroundings they love.

Home of Little Dog Treks

Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon we dedicate a walk to all the little dogs out there. Some smaller dogs might feel intimidated running around with the bigger dogs so this is a chance for all your little princesses and tiny dogs to come out on an adventure of their own

Home of the Super Trek

Most dog walkers only give the option of hour or half hour walks, but here at Piran Pets we offer longer walks for only a slight increase in cost. We get to go to some great beaches and woods on these walks.

Piran Pets Daily Treks

At Piran Pets we offer your dog more than just a dog walk. I play games with your dogs and frequently reinforce training commands such as ‘sit’, ‘come’ and ‘wait’. Many owners have expressed that their dog’s behaviour has improved following walks with me.

Our walks cover different locations and routes, including beaches, woodland and dunes. Because of this walks are stimulating and fun. But we always ensure our walks occur at safe places away from roads or cliffs.

Doggy Day Care with a difference

Many day care facilities provide care for your dogs at one location where dogs are forced to share limited space with lots of other dogs. At Piran Pets we offer day care in the form of multiple walks with a limited amount of dogs (dogs your dog has met many times before). A much friendlier experience for your pet. We even pick up and drop off your dogs at no extra charge.

Exclusive Home Boarding

We only board one or two dogs at a time. Unlike kennels, your dog will share our home and be treated like one of the family, receiving lots of walks, fuss and attention in a loving environment.

Insured & Licenced

Piran Pets are insured and licenced for home boarding and dog walking.

10 years professional experience

When I first started dog walking professionally in 2009 there weren’t many other dog walkers out there. There are lots now, but we have stood the test of time by offering a professional, conscientious and premium service to your pets. 10 years experience of dog handling, dog training, dog walking and 10 years of fun and adventures.

IMDT Dog Training Awards

I have attended a number of IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Training) courses- I firmly believe in reward based training and will be offering training walks and courses in the very near future so watch this space. But for now you can feel reassured that your dog will be walking with a dog walker who can handle and deal with different behaviours as they occur.

Piran Pets Care

I have never walked dogs just for the money. I wholeheartedly love what I do and love spending every day with your dogs (and mine).

Doggy Day Care

Why dog walking can be a great alternative to doggy day care

Here at Piran Pets we don’t do doggy day care. This is because we love our walkies and don’t want to spend all day in one place. We go on big long, stimulating adventures.

Dog walks are a great alternative to doggy day care. Your dog is picked up from home to go on either a morning or a lunchtime walk. Because our adventures last at least an hour, your dog will often be away from home for at least 2 hours.

If you are worried that one walk will not be sufficient, all you have to do is book your dog on multiple walks. That way, they won’t be home alone too long.

However long the walks, with a dog walker, once your dog has enjoyed lots of running around and play, they will be dropped back home to relax and sleep in the comfort of their own home. This is likely to be less stressful for your dog than doggy day care, where your dog will usually be sharing space with lots of dogs.

Piran Pets Home Boarding Licence Awarded

Cornwall Council Approved!

Piran Pets have been awarded a 4* Home Boarding Licence by Cornwall Council. This means the following………

  • Cornwall Council have inspected my home and consider it a great place for your dog to stay
  • We have sufficient space to accommodate dogs, both inside and out
  • there is provision for dogs to have separate eating and sleeping space if required
  • Hygiene standards are high
  • There are emergency procedures in place in the event of my being unable to look after dogs in my care
  • We keep a register of home boarders and a day diary to record any health or dietary issues
  • we provide an exercise plan for every dog staying with us
  • In the event of a dog contracting a contagious illness, we have isolation procedures in place to prevent the spread of disease
  • we are licenced to board up to 3 dogs at a time

Why you should choose Piran Pets for Home Boarding

There are many reasons why a stay with me and Evie will benefit your dog

although we are licenced to board up to 3 dogs, we prefer to only board 2 dogs at a time, offering a more exclusive care package for your pets

we only board dogs we know, so no nasty surprises or bad behaviour. All dogs staying are likely to have been exposed to all the other dogs I walk meaning your dog’s stay will be relaxed

your dogs will receive at least 2 walks a day whilst boarding with Nicky and Evie

toys will be available for added stimulation at home

clean beds and clean water will always be available

we can provide regular ‘pupdates’ so while you are away you can rest assured knowing your dog is being well cared for

Piran Pets offer a personal service. We do not use other walkers or home boarders unless this has been previously agreed. Dogs boarding with Piran Pets will stay with Nicky and Evie and be treated as one of the family for the duration of their happy stay

A day in the life of a dog walker

Bella, a four year old retriever, has been staying for the past 3 weeks. She loves home boarding and gets on with Evie very well. Monday is the day her owners are coming home.  Monday is the day Bella decides to roll in a massive pile of horse manure, all fresh and green.  Monday is a really good day for Bella to have a bath!

Bella looking very pleased with herself after rolling in poop!

It’s lovely having dogs to stay, I’m licenced by Cornwall Council to home board 3 dogs at a time but restrict this number to 2 to provide a more exclusive service.  

So Bella has gone home now and all is quiet at the Piran Pets Pad. It’s great catching a bit of one to one time with Evie before the next four legged guest arrives.  A break also gives me a chance to catch up with cleaning beds and towels!

Today hasn’t been the best day to be a dog walker.  I used three sets of waterproofs but none of the dogs seemed to mind getting soaked.  If anything, the rain made them all frisky.  I did my afternoon ‘Little dog Trek’ at Chapel Coombe in St Agnes and this provided a bit of shelter for the little dogs – who all ended up going in the stream in any case.  Towels, coats and van are now all dry ready for another soaking tomorrow!