Answers to July Piran Post Quiz


In Homer’s The Odyssey, Argos was the faithful dog of Odysseus


Gromit is the animated dog in Wallace & Gromit


Evie is Nicky’s dog (Piran Pets Adventure Treks)!


Copper is the bloodhound from Disney’s The Fox and the Hound


Barry Manilow’s dog


Muttley was Dick Dastardly’s sidekick in the Wacky Races


Nipper was the dog that featured on RCA Records with the old style phonograph horn


Bruiser was the name of the chihuahua in Legally Blonde


Blondi was Hitler’s favourite german shepherd


Nana was the nursemaid dog in Peter Pan


The famous Blue Peter dog with John Noakes – the famous saying ‘get down Shep’!


The pet dog of Dennis the Menace in the Beano


Beagle belonging to Charlie Brown


Cairn terrier in the Wizard of Oz

I hope you enjoyed the Dog Quiz!


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The July edition of the Piran Post can also be found in the centre pages of the July copy of The Bolster, hope you enjoy reading it!

Dog Training Walks

When I first started dog walking all those years ago, the dogs in my care used to run rings around me. They would pretty much do their own thing, run off in the opposite direction, not come back when called and over play to the point where they just didn’t listen. My handling of the group walks was pretty poor, and I made so many mistakes.

One day I realised it just wasn’t good enough, that if I was going to be the professional dog walker I aspired to be, I needed to do some research and go on some training courses. I attended a two day course run by the Institute of Modern Dog Training that was brilliant and prompted me to attend their four day course in providing dog training the following year. This was also amazing and equipped me with a better understanding of how to deliver training and positively influence animal behaviour. Training gave me the confidence and the knowledge, my walks since have been much more orderly and so much more enjoyable. Of course, things don’t always go to plan, they do say never work with children or animals!

On our group walks I now always use lots of training and games to maintain and positively reinforce good behaviour. I practice recall, play ‘find it’ games and use lots of training as part of every walk I do. A far cry from my clueless beginnings! But there is a limit to how much you can train and impact on individual behaviour when out with a group. It is very different managing a group of dogs to managing one. When I first got Evie, my sprollie, she was introduced immediately into pack walking. It is only since lockdown that I have had the time to really focus on one to one walks with her, with the training opportunities that has given. She has come on in leaps and bounds (we both have)!

That is why I have designed individual training walks specifically aimed at addressing some of the more common issues you face.

Does your dog keep pulling on the lead?

Does your dog ignore you or play hard to get when you call, especially when there are distractions?

Does your dog continually jump up on people you meet?

Does your dog ignore you when you ask for a ‘sit’ or a ‘down’?

Do you ever walk your dog in isolated areas where the bad behaviour won’t be a problem?

Well don’t panic, I can help! I offer two training walks new for 2020.

Dog Training Walk 1.

I take your dog on an individual walk, reinforcing the better behaviours you have been striving to achieve, in a structured way. Your dog receives one to one attention so we can focus on the training elements without the distraction of other dogs.

Dog Training Walk 2.

Do you ever experience issues when out with your dog and wish that a dog trainer was there to assist you at the point when your dog is not listening to you. Well now you can call on Piran Pets and I will join you and your dog, witnessing the behaviour you wish to change first hand to offer tips and advice. This walk won’t be available during lockdown.

Imagine a day when you are out with your dog and you are able to walk with your head held high. Imagine your dog returning to you to go back on lead. Imagine your dog sitting on request. Imagine your dog not jumping on people for treats and listening to you.

If you would like to find out more about these fantastic dog training opportunities and change the way you interact with your dog, please contact me……………….

email: nicky@piranpets

tel: 07737843781