Adventure Treks

More than just a dog walk!

Morning & lunchtime fun group adventures

Premium dog walker

We are proud to offer more than ‘just a dog walk’.

T – Training incorporated into every adventure

R – Recall, lots and lots of recall!

E – Energetic, long walks in super safe places

K – Kindness, using positive reinforcement & treats

S – Sniffing games and fun to stimulate and motivate

Retriever Romps

Dog Walker St Agnes

At Piran Pets we love retrievers and specialise in providing dedicated dog walks tailored to suit golden retrievers and labradors. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday your retriever will love a massive hour and a half adventure. Incorporating training, recall, energy, kindness & sniffing games

Little dog adventures – Tuesdays & Thursdays

Dedicated little dog walks

All sorts of little dogs come and enjoy this walk, including Chihuahuas, small spaniels, cockerpoos, cavapoos and schnauzers. Your little dogs will enjoy running around with dogs their own size. A massive adventure, perfect for your cute little pooch!

Puppy Dog Treks

A dedicated puppy experience designed to socialise, stimulate and train your puppy, focusing on exposure to tastes, smells, noises and games, a thrill for the puppy senses and designed to reinforce all the training you are doing at home. Plus your puppy gets taken to a different environment every week!

T – Training included in every adventure

R – Recall, lots & lots of recall!

E – Energetic, fun group adventures

K – Kindness, using positive reinforcement

S – Sniffing ‘find it’ games and fun

It’s all about quality of life. Your dog is exercised and socialised in a fun environment leading to a healthy, happy, stimulated dog. At Piran Pets Adventure Treks we provide more than just a dog walk.

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